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7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Parents

Every year it seems to get more and more challenging to find gifts for our parents, and it is equally as challenging to figure out gifts for our in-laws. Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, something for their anniversary, or another gift-giving occasion, we have some great ideas for you. Based on some of the user comments and feedback on, here are some of the best gift ideas for parents.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Whether it’s their birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day, or their wedding anniversary, you can be sure that your parents would appreciate a bouquet of roses or lilies. What’s more? You can easily use a flower delivery company to send flowers and other gift items to your loved ones. However, because there are several of them, we suggest reading online reviews about flower delivery companies before choosing one to use.

A framed Photo or Quote

Got a photo that you think your parents would love? Maybe it’s of you and them enjoying some good afternoon together. Or maybe it’s an inspirational quote you know they live by. Either way, a framed photo or quote can be a touching gift.

Photo prints can be expensive, but if you exploit the free introductory offers available at most places, they can be free.

Touchscreen Gloves

The key to buying a good gift is making sure that they’ll actually use it. Fortunately, if you’re buying a present in the middle of winter, you can bet your bottom dollar that whoever you’re getting a gift for will need gloves.

But wait, these aren’t just any old gloves – these are gloves that can work with touchscreen phones! Finally, you no longer have to choose between skipping the track or not getting frostbite.

A Poster for Their Favourite Film

If you know them well enough to be able to name their favorite film, this is about as good a gift as you can get for under a fiver.

As you’d expect when you’re working to this kind of budget, the selection can be a tad erratic. You might not be able to find the film you’re after, or you might have to settle for an A4 print rather than a larger poster.

A Jar of Their Favourite Sweets

Everybody likes at least one type of sweet or chocolate. And if the person you’re buying a gift for doesn’t like any sweet treats, don’t worry about buying them a present – they don’t deserve it.

The beauty of this gift is that you’re simply upcycling and putting a mark-up on something that’s usually fairly cheap and easily purchased anyway. All you have to do is put the sweets in a jar, which you may already have in the fridge.

As an extra, try tying a piece of ribbon or string around the lid, maybe even fixing a rogue piece of fabric over the lid in the process. So rustic chic, and the absolute dictionary definition of a cheap but thoughtful gift.

A Personalised Coaster

Unless you’re buying a gift for some kind of desert-dwelling animal, your recipient will definitely need to drink something from time to time. And where there’s a drink, there’s a cup just waiting to leave a ring.

That’s why God invented coasters – and if you so wish, you can give your parents their very own personalized placemats.

Some Homemade Sweet Treats

Fancy yourself as a future Mary Berry? Why not bake your parents a special something, and give them the most unique gift they’ll ever get? There are plenty of delicious treats that aren’t just easy to make, but cheap too.

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