What is The Master Cleanser Recipe for Lazy Mothers Who Wants to Lose Weight but Cant?

I was desperate and I stumbled upon the master cleanser recipe by chance. After given birth to my baby, I gained a hefty 10 pounds. I reckoned I want to be back to my slim self.For 6 consecutive years, I was voted the most attractive executive in my organization. I admit I’m vain. Being a woman, I believe it’s my right, isn’t it?But I’m not prepared to turn to pill and risk my health, so finally I decided that a detox and weight loss diet will be the best solution for me. It was that time I found the lemon cleanse diet. Backed up with 50 years of success stories, and most recently, even stars like Robin Quiver and Beyonce Knowles advocate this as the method for weight loss.”This must be my answer to weight loss!” I thought.Then I make an important discovery. The original master cleanser recipe by Stanley Burroughs wasn’t design for weight loss. It was only meant to be a safe detox diet.What should I do? Almost at the same time, I found a modified version of the master cleanser recipe. This new lemonade cleanse diet is different. It’s designed to be a detox and weight loss diet.Why is the new master cleanse recipe preferred over Stanley Burroughs master cleanse formula, particularly for weight loss?In short, the new master cleanse recipe makes weight loss an effortless affair. It’s focus on various aspects to help you loss weight and achieve detoxification at the same time.The new detox and weight loss diet focus on the ingredients used and prepare you mentally. It also provide you with advices on overcoming any discomfort you may encounter along the way.Here are what the new master cleanse formula offers over the original one:

 Master Cleanser Recipe

Introduce you to more effective ingredients and alternatives (and where to find them) including,Quality Water – This is the most overlook ingredient in the lemon cleanse diet. You need water free from living impurities (bacteria & viruses) and the non-living impurities (chlorine, lead, and other chemicals). If you are thinking of using bottled or tap water. You are in for a big surprise, because that’s a wrong move.Salt Water Flush Alternative – Many people turn nauseous with the salt water flush. You can now replace the salt water flush with this alternative if you want.Protein – Lack of protein is one of the biggest downsides to the traditional master cleanse, but in the new master cleanser recipe, you will know what kind of protein you can consume without interfering with the cleansing process. This protein can even help you minimize the side effects that you may encounter during the master cleanse.Tea – Certain type of flavored tea may be used to help away from the monotonous detox and weight loss diet.Plant Extracts and Fiber Rich Laxatives – It may sound counter intuitive but addition of these 2 can effectively curb your hunger pang. You no longer need to have steel discipline to survive the 10 days master cleanse program.

How to overcome the hunger pangs, but if you really cannot hold on any longer, you will be glad that there is a list of “safe food” you can eat while on the master cleanse diet. The “safe food” hardly has any negative impact on your weight loss plan. Conservatively, at least 80% of people give up because they cannot stand the hunger.

How to stay focus and motivated.

How to ease the side effects (like aches and pains) you may develop during the session.

What you should avoid doing while on the master cleanse.

How to use the master cleanse diet as a long term dieting strategy for weight control.

Help you to keep track of your progress.

The new recipe also explains why you should not stay in the cleanse for than 10 days. It further explains why extended lemon cleanse diet can result in gaining more weight than what you have lost earlier.

Don’t get frighten off by what you have just read. All you need to do is to follow the given detox and weight loss diet formula.At the end of the cleanse you will loss weight and feel renewed. Just like Robin Quiver. Not only you have cleanse your body of harmful toxins, you will also realize that your energy level has increased, and your metabolism rate stronger. There are also reported cases of people with stronger immune system after the lemon cleanse diet.Is this new detox and weight loss diet for you? If you are open minded, you won’t mind heading over to the website, right? Read on and you will know where to go to find out more about the new master cleanser recipe.Resource Box============For mothers who want a detox and weight loss diet check out the new master cleanser recipe at http://www.desperate-to-lose-weight-quickly.comIt works for me, and it can work for you too. Now, losing up to 20 pounds in 10 days can be your reality.From Sherlyn Ling, the executive turned work at home mother who loss 11.5 pounds after 8 days of master cleansing. Here is another recipe of Irish Cream Truffles.

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