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Marijuana Stigma has Recently Begun to Change

In some countries, marijuana is more trusted as a plant species that can cause adverse effects such as addiction and other negative behavior, so that it is considered useless, cannot be consumed in any form, and eventually criminalized.

However, in recent years, the view of marijuana has shifted globally. The stigma of marijuana as narcotics has gradually begun to erode. The reason is, a lot of research has revealed the benefits of cannabis content to treat a number of certain diseases, including severe disease. Some public opinion polls also report changes in public perception of marijuana that are increasingly positive. For example, just like Canadian pharmacy.

For example, a survey conducted by Pew Research in the United States (US) last October 2017. The survey reports that six out of ten Americans (61 percent) say marijuana use must be legalized. Most supporters of marijuana legalization in the US are adults. Previously, in 2000, only 31 percent of US citizens supported the legalization of marijuana.

Generally, there are three categories of marijuana legalization, for recreation because it provides a “high” sensation, for medical needs, and for the cultivation itself.

In a number of countries, including Germany, Portugal, Canada and Argentina, marijuana can be consumed with strict rules. Ownership of marijuana in light doses will not make people imprisoned or fined. You can get the marijuana by order to Canadian pharmacy online.

In other countries such as Australia, Belgium, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Slovenia, Spain and Sri Lanka, marijuana is only legal for medical consumption. As for the United States, marijuana is legal in several states. Even now in Canada, you will find many Canada drugs.

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