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Guide to Selecting a Hairdresser Tool

Get to know your hair type before using hair tools so that the beauty of each strand is maintained.

As a woman’s crown, taking the time to arrange hair has become a part of daily routine. A variety of hairdressers are stored in your room and are usually used to follow the type of event that will be attended or just want to look beautiful at home.

However, you should not carelessly choose a hairdresser, because actually, your hair type determines the type of hairdresser that is suitable for use. See also this Steam Flat iron Reviews for more information.

For example, for hair with thin strands, you should use a low-temperature dryer.

For that, here are some variants of hair styling tools according to the condition of your hair like the following:

1. Normal hair with thin strands

Hair Dryer: If you have a thin and soft type of hair, then you should choose the type of hair dryer with a variety of temperature settings.

Ideally, dry your hair with a low temperature to protect it from damage to the cuticles. Moreover, usually, this type of hair is easy to dry without excessive heat.

Whereas to increase the volume, you can dry your hair by lowering your head so that the roots are more inflated.

Hair Straightener: For the choice of hair straightener or vise tool, it is better to use a heating board with ceramic or platinum material, because the element is able to deliver heat stable in the hair.

And just as with a hair dryer, choose the setting with the lowest heat so that the hair does not dry out.

2. Thick hair

Hair Dryer: The owner of thick hair is more resistant to heat that is higher than thin and smooth hair.

And because this type of hair requires a longer drying time, then use the type of hair dryer with twin turbo technology with ionic hair protection content.

This dryer will produce a large hot wind so that the hair dries quickly, and also spreads negative ions so that the hair cuticle remains closed so that the hair does not lose moisture.

Hair Straightener: Because your hair is thick, it will save time when using a large vise tool and has a heating board made of platinum.

In addition to being able to flow heat quickly, your thick hair that tends to be frizzy can look even shinier.

You do not need to worry about using high heat with this type of shock because next to thick hair is not easily damaged, but the heating board from platinum will not cause overheating on the strands on the hair.

3. Curly hair

Hair Dryer: For naturally curly hair, requires a different way of handling hair. You certainly don’t want the natural texture of the hair to change even dry.

For this reason, like thin hair, use a low-temperature hair dryer. Because the warmer the temperature you use, it is feared that the hair texture will become frizzy and difficult to regulate.

Hair Straightener: Indeed, curly hair owners certainly want a straight hairstyle for variations in appearance.

In order to keep the luster of hair awake, use a tool with a heating board made of titanium which generally uses high-quality iron.

Although this type is expensive, it can be an investment in the health of your curly hair.

The titanium material in hair straightener tends to be mild, heat fast and is able to maintain temperature stability so that the hair is not damaged due to overheating.

4. Damaged hair

Hair Dryer: If your hair tends to dry or break easily, it is better to reduce the use of a hairdresser that emits heat.

However, today’s lifestyle demands a perfect appearance, making it difficult to avoid hair styling activities.

Luckily, in this era of sophisticated technology, you can choose a hair dryer that removes ion particles to help restore moisture to the hair strands.

Hair Straightener: No need to despair if you have damaged hair and still want to poke it occasionally or even every day.

Choose a vise with a heating board made from tourmaline that comes from minerals or precious stones.

This material will not make a static effect on the hair and is able to balance ions so that it can help repair damaged cuticles.

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