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Principles of Responsible Use of Cannabis

Regardless of the using Medical Cannabis. There is a series of principles for using marijuana on this responsibility are as follows:

  1. Only for those who are adults

Those who want to use marijuana have done it first even though the legal status of marijuana is still illegal. And there will indeed be several other adults who will use marijuana if marijuana is regulated by the government. The law of marijuana regulation will regulate the distribution of marijuana which of course the law will be different from cigarettes, alcohol, soda, even heroin. And for adolescents and those who are under age, the law of marijuana regulation will actually narrow the scope of the black market that sells marijuana to them. And the regulation law ensures marijuana is sold only at a place determined by the government with a reasonable law, one of which is to prove that the person is old enough to get marijuana and has permission from doctors to use the Medical marijuana. And the place of sale of marijuana that is given permission by the government will lose its right to sell marijuana if proven to have sold to those who are underage.

*) Except for underage patients who are monitored for marijuana use and on the recommendation of a doctor

  1. Not Driving

Although experts say that marijuana use is safer than alcohol and other drugs, public safety wants those who are under the influence of marijuana should not be on the road and ways to find out how much marijuana is in drivers who are affected by marijuana must be developed and used rather than testing it chemically.

This does not mean evidence that marijuana has a bad effect on the nerve of motion. Many studies have shown that in driving the effects of marijuana is harmless compared to the effects of alcohol.

Because the law of banning marijuana has been proven unsuccessful and many people have used marijuana despite its illegal status, it’s time to accept the fact that the law of marijuana regulation will actually prohibit those who are under the influence of marijuana for driving.

  1. Situation & Conditions

“Situation” here refers to the setting of values, attitudes, experiences and personalities, and “conditions” here relate to the physical and social state of the marijuana user. Responsible marijuana users will always be aware of the situation and condition, place, time, mood, etc. and do not hesitate to say “NO” if they feel unsafe, uncomfortable and or not productive and or ignore their duties and responsibilities.

  1. Not Abusing

Misuse means dangerous. There is a dangerous use of marijuana, although it is usually not dangerous. It is dangerous use that should be avoided, which should not be done. Then what is the abuse of dangerous marijuana? If the use of marijuana is proven to interfere with health and reduce the quality of life, then the use of marijuana should be stopped.

  1. Respecting the Rights of Others

The community’s concern about the legal impact of marijuana is that many of the marijuana users will use marijuana everywhere and cause public unrest. Although marijuana is proven not to cause aggressive nature to the user, for the sake of mutual comfort the use of cannabis is not done in public.

Responsible marijuana users also do not force someone to use marijuana, do not scoff at those who choose not to use marijuana, and respect those who do not want to expose their use of marijuana to the public.

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